The Chicago Cubs Makes Bold Pursuit of Japanese Baseball Pitcher and are Set to Meet Potential Negotiating Terms…

The Chicago Cubs appear to be pulling out all the stops in their pursuit of Shohei Ohtani this offseason, signaling a commitment to fortify their roster and establish themselves as perennial contenders.

Following a season where they narrowly missed the playoffs, the Cubs recognize the imperative of continuously adding top-tier talent to their lineup.

Securing the services of baseball’s premier player, Shohei Ohtani, would be a pivotal move for the Cubs, who, having missed out on him in 2017, seem determined to make a significant push for him in the current free agency market.

There’s speculation that Ohtani and his agent might be seeking a short-term contract, allowing him the flexibility to explore free agency once he fully recovers from his elbow injury.

Contrary to their previous stance on such contracts, reports from Bruce Levine of 670 The Score suggest that the Cubs are open to making exceptions.

Recognizing the unique circumstances of Ohtani’s situation, they are reportedly willing to incorporate opt-out language into the contract, providing the player with flexibility.

This strategic move could work in the Cubs’ favor, as Ohtani’s potential opt-out clause might align with his return to pitching in 2025 after recovering from Tommy John surgery in 2024. If Ohtani demonstrates his Cy Young-caliber performance on the mound post-surgery, the opt-out clause could allow him to capitalize on his exceptional skills.

While the Cubs will likely attempt to negotiate a deal without the opt-out clause, the fact that they are considering such creative approaches underscores their determination to secure the services of the superstar player and suggests a willingness to explore unconventional terms in their pursuit of Ohtani.

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