Carlisle United Has Given His Honest Opinion On Club Takeover And Piatak Ownership…

Paul Simpson expressed his optimism about the future of Carlisle United following the completion of the Piatak takeover.

The Blues’ manager conveyed his excitement about the new era at Brunton Park under the ownership of the American Piatak family.

Simpson acknowledged the outgoing owners of Carlisle United, Andrew Jenkins, John Nixon, and Steven Pattison, praising their loyalty and dedication to the club. He credited them for their role in facilitating a smooth transition to the new ownership.

The Piatak family has committed to investing in both the on-field and off-field aspects of the club. Simpson highlighted his anticipation for a significant boost in the January transfer window budget, describing it as a “step-change.”

Reflecting on the completion of the takeover, Simpson mentioned the challenges of the process, emphasizing his relief that it has finally concluded. He conveyed the Piatak family’s eagerness to get started and their delight in the successful completion of the deal.

Simpson also commended the Piatak family’s vision for the club, noting their proactive efforts to enhance the stadium’s infrastructure. The family has already initiated improvements, such as canopies over the fan zone and plans for a better overall fan experience. Long-term plans include upgrading changing rooms and establishing a training facility.

The manager emphasized the alignment of the Piataks’ vision with his own, describing it as both ambitious and realistic. He clarified that the investment would not make Carlisle United the highest spenders in the league but would provide a fighting chance for improvement. Simpson expressed the importance of spending the budget wisely to strengthen the team and move away from the bottom tier of League One.

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