Mat Sadler Makes Strategic Move to Secure Walsall’s Future with Key Player Contracts…

Mat Sadler is actively engaged in securing new contracts for key members of the Walsall squad, following the successful extension of Oisin McEntee’s contract..

McEntee, an Irish player, has impressed under Sadler’s management and recently committed to the team until 2025.

Sadler expressed his dedication to the process, stating that they are not complacent about it.

He acknowledged the anticipation surrounding McEntee’s contract news and assured that efforts are underway to secure longer deals for other essential players.

The manager emphasized his goal of maintaining a stable core group within the team, aiming for a roster of 16 to 18 players.

Sadler highlighted the significance of continuity, expressing his desire to avoid frequent changes in the team composition over the coming years.

He sees Oisin as a valuable addition to the core group and emphasized the meticulous planning and effort invested in such decisions.

The manager acknowledged the time and effort required for these negotiations, emphasizing that the decisions are not impulsive but the result of careful consideration.

Sadler assured fans that there is ongoing work behind the scenes to finalize contracts and ensure the stability of the team.

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