Former Prosecutor Urges Potent Gag Order Amidst Escalating Threats Linked to Trump’s Rhetoric…

Former federal prosecutor Kristy Greenberg expressed strong concern on MSNBC’s ‘Alex Wagner Tonight,’ calling for a robust gag order to curb Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

Greenberg was incensed by the fact that Trump’s words have fueled ‘credible threats,’ particularly in the context of the ongoing $250 million civil lawsuit against him and his company by Attorney General Letitia James.

In her discussion, Greenberg highlighted the disturbing content of threatening voicemails, spanning over 275 single-spaced pages, which were recently filed. These messages detail a wave of intimidation that emerged following the commencement of Trump’s trial.

Some messages explicitly conveyed violent threats, with one stating, ‘You should be executed,’ and another declaring, ‘I will come for you. I don’t care. Ain’t nobody gonna stop me either.’

State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron, presiding over the case, has been a target of harassment, confirmed by the New York state court system’s Department of Public Safety. The threats against him have been deemed ‘credible’ since October.

An inflammatory post on Trump’s Truth Social platform, suggesting a relationship between Engoron’s clerk and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, led to relentless doxxing, daily calls, and numerous messages directed at her personal cellphone and social media accounts.

Greenberg emphasized the correlation between Trump’s statements and the escalation of threats, asserting that decisive action is imperative. She called for a gag order ‘with teeth,’ capable of effectively silencing Trump and preventing further unacceptable behavior.

The urgency, according to Greenberg, arises from the undeniable connection between Trump’s verbal attacks and the surge in threats, demanding a swift and impactful intervention.”

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