Mansfield Town goalkeeper issues verdict on his loan experience at Wexford FC in the League of Ireland First Division…

Mansfield Town goalkeeper Owen Mason credits his loan experience at Wexford FC in the League of Ireland First Division with significant personal and professional development.

Mason, a product of Stags’ Academy, played a crucial role in Wexford’s successful bid for a play-off spot in the Republic of Ireland’s second tier. His impressive performances even earned him a second call-up to represent the Republic of Ireland’s under-21s squad.

In an interview with, Mason expressed how this loan opportunity in Ireland has been transformative for him. He stated, “I feel that both as a goalkeeper and as a person, I’ve made significant improvements. Being on loan in Ireland has been a tremendous learning experience for me, and I’m in excellent form. I’ve never felt better, both physically and mentally. Being away from home has allowed me to mature and grow as an individual.”

Mason further discussed his time at Wexford, which began on July 14. He mentioned that he relished the opportunity to play in a new league in a different country, especially with a team that was performing well and aiming for promotion. Living with a local family, he embraced a new football culture and considered it a valuable challenge.

He also highlighted the contrast between his previous loan experiences in England and his current stint in Ireland. The smaller size of the league and the fact that Wexford was pushing for promotion set this loan apart from his previous ones. He acknowledged that his earlier loans, such as those at Guiseley, Kettering, and Farsley, contributed to his development but believed that the unique experience with Wexford, a team at the other end of the table, was especially beneficial.

Mason was thrilled about his second call-up to the Republic of Ireland’s under-21s squad and expressed pride and gratitude for the honor. He spoke positively of his camaraderie with his fellow players, many of whom played in the Championship and abroad, and expressed his ambition to continue growing from the experience.

He also praised Mansfield’s head of goalkeeping, Adam Collin, for his role in his development, noting that Collin provided detailed guidance on various aspects of the game.

Regarding his future plans, Mason mentioned that after his loan spell ends in November, he will return to train with Mansfield. However, due to the regulations, he won’t be able to play for any other team until January. He aims to use this time to sharpen his skills and hopes to secure another loan in January, allowing him to continue playing and progressing in his career.

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