Carlisle United are honoured in Cumbria Sports Awards for the remarkable achievements under Paul Simpson…

The Cumbria Sports Awards have officially acknowledged Carlisle United’s impressive resurgence led by Paul Simpson, granting the club a special accolade.

The recognition stems from the Blues’ notable promotion victory in May, securing the award in the 2023 Cumbria Sports Awards ceremony.

The judging panel highlighted the substantial impact of United’s success, noting the tangible “buzz” and increased “positivity” it has generated not only within the city but also extending beyond.

The award, bestowed by Active Cumbria, specifically honors the remarkable triumph in the League Two play-off final against Stockport County at Wembley.

Over the past 18 months under Paul Simpson’s management, Carlisle United has demonstrated progress both on and off the field.

The community support from Carlisle and the broader north Cumbria region has notably expanded during this period.

Despite encountering mixed results in the initial stages of the League One season, Carlisle United has held its own against seemingly more formidable opponents. Noteworthy performances against Bolton and Burton have particularly stood out.

The Special Award acknowledges the broader impact of a high-performing Carlisle United on the northern county, emphasizing the positivity it fosters in the city of Carlisle and its surrounding areas.

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