“Ambitious Plans” – Carlisle United Owner and Council Reveals an Interesting Plan for the Club Development…

“Ambitious Plans” – Carlisle United Owner and Council Reveals an Interesting Plan for the Club Development…

Carlisle United is optimistic about discussions with the council regarding the establishment of a new training ground.

The Piatak family, who recently acquired the club, aims to construct a modern facility in the city, aligning with manager Paul Simpson’s vision.

Initial talks between club representatives and Cumberland Council officials have been positive, with chief executive Nigel Clibbens expressing confidence in the council’s support for the project. The completion of the ownership takeover has played a significant role in advancing these discussions.

Clibbens emphasized the importance of long-term investment and partnerships, noting that the recent ownership succession has unlocked conversations that were previously on hold.

Meetings with council officials, including Jane Meeks and Mark Fryer, have focused on the club’s future development and its role in benefiting the city and community.

The discussions extend beyond football-related requests, emphasizing collaboration for broader community development.

While acknowledging that these are preliminary steps, Clibbens highlighted the progress and expressed optimism. Tom Piatak snr, one of the owners, aims to collaborate with the council and local businesses for the training ground vision, envisioning a 25-acre site for a state-of-the-art facility.

The club emphasizes the potential positive impact of a successful football club on the city and its residents, both in terms of energy and community programs.

Despite not yet identifying specific sites, Clibbens emphasized the need for careful consideration in selecting an appropriate location that balances speed with suitability.

He stressed the importance of a comprehensive approach, considering factors such as land size, pitch quality, drainage, and irrigation costs.

The council recognizes the potential benefits of such a facility for both the football club and the broader community.

The club is exploring models of successful joint schemes, exemplified by other football clubs like Fleetwood Town and their Poolfoot Farm facility.

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