Jalen Hurts faces his only legit MVP competition on Sunday, even though he isn’t eligible…

Jalen Hurts will be facing formidable MVP competition on Sunday, even if Christian McCaffrey is not eligible for the award. While it might be tempting to claim that the two best NFL players will meet at Lincoln Financial Field, the article suggests otherwise.

Even in a hypothetical scenario where players from different positions could be fairly compared, numerous contenders like Patrick Mahomes, Myles Garrett, Tyreek Hill, and T.J. Watt could make strong MVP cases in a position-neutral context. However, the focus is on Jalen Hurts and Christian McCaffrey, and the article aims to find a word that adequately describes the unique qualities they bring to the game.

Terms like versatile, dynamic, impactful, revolutionary, and unprecedented are considered but fall short of capturing the essence. The author settles on “unsolvable” as the fitting term for both Hurts and McCaffrey. Describing them as questions without answers, the article emphasizes their rare ability to have a singular, game-changing impact that opponents struggle to counter.

Contrary to the interconnected nature of football, where specialists depend on each other, Hurts and McCaffrey possess a degree of self-sufficiency. The article draws parallels with the NBA’s concept of “positionless” play, asserting that both players are as close to positionless as one can be in the NFL.

The piece highlights Hurts’ exceptional physical attributes, likening his strength, pad level, and determination to that of an offensive lineman or running back. McCaffrey, often recognized as a running back, defies traditional categorization, and the article notes the challenge defensive coordinators face in devising strategies to stop him.

The author contends that McCaffrey is the only legitimate competition for Hurts in the MVP race, given the historical bias against non-quarterbacks winning the award. Despite this, McCaffrey’s extraordinary impact on the 49ers’ offense, touching the ball on a significant percentage of plays and contributing substantially to yardage and first downs, sets him apart.

In summary, the article posits Jalen Hurts and Christian McCaffrey as unsolvable puzzles in the NFL, possessing unique qualities that make them exceptional and challenging to counter. It suggests that their impact on the game goes beyond traditional positional roles, making them strong contenders for the MVP title.

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