How Green Bay Packers Truly Control Their Playoff Destiny Following Seattle Seahawks’ Week 13 Defeat…

The Green Bay Packers’ control over their playoff destiny has solidified after the Seattle Seahawks’ defeat in Week 13. Before the start of the 2023 NFL season, the Packers expressed their goal of winning the NFC North and making a playoff return.

Despite a challenging 2-5 start, including four consecutive losses, the team, led by quarterback Jordan Love and his rookie receivers, has demonstrated growth and chemistry in the past four games.

Fortunately, the overall mediocrity of the NFC this season has worked in favor of the Packers. With the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints sharing the NFC South lead at 5-6 (with Atlanta holding the tiebreaker), the Packers find themselves in a similar position.

The recent outcome of the Dallas Cowboys defeating the Seattle Seahawks in a Thursday night game has direct implications for Green Bay’s playoff prospects. While the Cowboys solidified their lead in the NFC’s first Wild Card spot, the Seahawks’ drop to 6-6 placed them in the seventh and final playoff spot. The Minnesota Vikings, also at 6-6, hold the sixth spot with a tiebreaker advantage over Seattle.

If the Packers manage to upset the Kansas City Chiefs, they would reach a 6-6 record and surpass the Seahawks in the playoff standings due to a better winning percentage in conference games. With the Vikings on a Bye Week, the highest playoff spot available for the Packers this week is the seventh.

Beyond the Seahawks, the Packers need to monitor the standings for other teams with 5-6 records, such as the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams. Having defeated both teams earlier in the season, the Packers own the tiebreaker over them. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, just one game behind the Packers at 4-7, pose another consideration.

Potential tiebreakers with the Falcons, who hold a Week Two victory over the Packers, could come into play if they end up with the same record. However, the primary focus for the Packers remains clear: win and secure a playoff spot. While facing the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, poses a significant challenge, the Packers have a favorable schedule in the following weeks against the New York Giants, Tampa Bay, the Carolina Panthers, Vikings, and Bears.

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