Carlisle United’s Existing Directors Issue Claims Regarding The Piatak Family Ownership Of The Club…

The current board members of Carlisle United express confidence in the Piatak family’s suitability to lead the club into the future. The American owners, operating through Castle Sports Group, have assumed a 90% stake in CUFC Holdings, marking the beginning of a new era after a several-month-long transition at Brunton Park.

Suzanne Kidd, the club’s finance director, emphasizes the alignment of values as a crucial factor in endorsing the Piataks. Their family-oriented approach and the extension of such principles to their business operations resonate with the existing leadership. The financial capacity to own a football club is common, but what sets the Piataks apart is their understanding of the emotional connections involved—acknowledging the impact on the community, club staff, fans, and associated businesses.

Kidd highlights the Piataks’ quick comprehension, engagement, and their ability to swiftly grasp intricacies, making the process enjoyable. The family from Jacksonville, Florida, demonstrates commitment by increasing the budget to support manager Paul Simpson’s efforts to strengthen the squad in January and secure League One status.

Beyond immediate plans, the Piataks envision enhancing Brunton Park and establishing a modern training facility. Kidd expresses enthusiasm about the future and emphasizes the responsibility of ensuring the right people are involved in shaping the club’s trajectory. The meticulous and detailed nature of the transition process reinforces the belief that the Piataks are well-suited to lead Carlisle United into a secure and prosperous future.

Tom Piatak Snr’s confirmation of Castle Sports Group acquiring the club’s £2.6 million debt from Purepay Retail Limited adds to the financial stability. The disposal of this debt in a tax-efficient manner is anticipated. Chief executive Nigel Clibbens believes the new owners possess the capability to unlock the club’s untapped potential, a sentiment echoed by the outgoing owners who recognized the need for a change to realize the club’s latent strengths.

Clibbens notes the longstanding awareness of the club’s untapped potential and the frustration of previous owners in unleashing it. He sees a correlation between increased attendance and on-field success, and anticipates a powerful synergy between on-field and off-field developments under the Piataks’ ownership, marking a promising chapter for Carlisle United.

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