Paul Simpson Reflects on Carlisle United’s Crucial Clash with Reading Amidst Suspension Concerns…

Carlisle United manager Paul Simpson is optimistic that crucial players on the verge of suspension can navigate the fine line and contribute to a significant victory against Reading.

Sam Lavelle, Jon Mellish, Owen Moxon, and Jack Armer are all perilously close to receiving a yellow card that would result in a suspension. However, the risk of suspension only applies up to the 19th game of the league season, and they can avoid it by not getting booked in the upcoming match against Reading.

Simpson commended his players for maintaining discipline and emphasized the importance of avoiding unnecessary bookings, such as time-wasting or petulant actions. He encouraged them to play smart in what is expected to be a challenging game against League One’s bottom team.

The manager acknowledged the team’s recent challenges with injuries and suspensions, making it crucial for key players to stay on the field. On a positive note, Joe Garner and Alfie McCalmont are back from suspensions for the upcoming match.

Carlisle United’s clash with Reading is a significant encounter, marking their first league meeting since 1982 and the inaugural game at the Select Car Leasing Stadium. The team sees this as an opportunity to climb out of the relegation zone, facing a Reading side that sits at the bottom of the league due to points deduction amid financial difficulties.

Despite Reading’s off-field issues, Simpson stressed the need for his team to focus solely on their performance and not be distracted by external factors. He acknowledged Reading as a sizable football club and emphasized the importance of concentrating on their own responsibilities.

Despite the considerable distance Carlisle’s fans have to travel for the midweek game, Simpson expressed confidence in receiving strong support, citing the backing the team has received in previous away matches. He acknowledged the challenging schedule but emphasized the team’s commitment to being well-prepared for the match.

In conclusion, Simpson remains optimistic about his team’s prospects, urging them to maintain discipline, focus on their game, and seize the opportunity to secure a vital win against Reading.

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