Paul Simpson reflects on his first week under new ownership…

MANAGER: The past week has been notably positive for us…

Paul Simpson reflects on a week filled with positivity.

The draw against Charlton by United marked the conclusion of a week at Brunton Park that was uplifting both on and off the field.

Manager Paul Simpson expressed satisfaction in seeing the positive momentum continue after a week that marked the beginning of a new era for the Blues.

“It has truly been a positive week for us,” he remarked.

“The previous owners have done an exceptional job in sustaining the football club and bringing us to where we are today.

“The new entrants into the ownership – Tom and Patty, Tom and Alice, Jenna and Nick – have now joined, and I hope the enthusiasm they bring rubs off on everyone in the football club.

“There have been smiles on faces over the last couple of days that we haven’t seen on some people, and I am genuinely optimistic about what the future holds.

“We all need to ensure that we are actively contributing and doing everything possible to make it a genuinely happy time for us.”

The first game under the Piatak family saw a crowd of over 10,500, with more than 9,500 passionately supporting the Cumbrians.

Blues boss commented on the support, saying, “It was brilliant. We expected it due to all the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the team.

“But, I’ll emphasize again, we need to get the football side right.

“We acknowledge that the new owners are keen on making changes and improvements to enhance the overall experience. While the idea of flags on the seats created a fantastic atmosphere, we must prioritize getting the football right.

“Supporters want to witness a team that exhibits the same desire and passion we displayed today. They want to see a winning team, and that’s what we need to strive for.”

Crucial to deeming the week a success was ensuring that the takeover translated into points on the board.

“It was a genuine celebration, and I always find that on such celebratory days, you usually gain nothing. So, securing a point is significant for us,” Simpson remarked.

“It provides us with a foundation to build upon and cling to because, truth be told, we need to stay committed, focused, and united.

“Everyone in the team must demonstrate their commitment to moving forward. Regardless of what unfolds in January, they need to handle their responsibilities between now and then, showing that they want to be part of our future endeavors.

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