NFL analysts share their honest opinions as Bills prepare for a tough three-game stretch…

NFL analysts are sharing their perspectives as the Buffalo Bills gear up for a challenging three-game stretch. Following a two-game losing streak, the Bills secured a convincing 32-6 victory against the New York Jets.

The win, orchestrated by offensive play-caller Joe Brady, showcased the team’s offensive prowess, with quarterback Josh Allen delivering a stellar performance, throwing three touchdowns and just one interception.

As the Bills prepare to face formidable opponents such as the 9-1 Philadelphia Eagles, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Dallas Cowboys in the coming weeks, they face a tough test against teams with a combined record of 23-7.

Despite currently being eighth in the AFC, with four of their remaining six games against playoff-caliber teams, there is optimism among NFL analysts.

The Athletic’s Robert Mays commended the Bills for demonstrating they can meet the high expectations set for them at the beginning of the season, especially considering key defensive players have been sidelined.

Mays believes that if the defense performs at an average level and the offense maintains its recent excellence, the Bills can be genuine contenders in the AFC.

In Joe Brady’s debut as offensive play-caller, Josh Allen and the Bills exhibited their best performance since Week 4. NFL Network’s Peter Schrager named Brady his Coach of the Week for an impressive first outing.

The running game, led by Ty Johnson and James Cook, added a new dimension, with NBC’s Jason Garrett noting the effective utilization of running backs to alleviate pressure on Allen.

Stefon Diggs’ contribution to the team’s offensive strategy, drawing attention from opposing defenses to create opportunities for other playmakers, earned praise from head coach Sean McDermott.

CBS Sports’ Tyler Sullivan highlighted the positive signs of offensive distribution, allowing the Bills to score over 30 points without relying solely on Allen and Diggs.

The Bills’ energetic start against the Jets, highlighted by Reggie Gilliam’s impactful play on special teams, set the tone for the game.

Gilliam’s hit on Jets returner Xavier Gipson, leading to a turnover, garnered acclaim from quarterback Josh Allen and NBC’s Peter King.

The team’s resilience in the face of adversity, including injuries and unexpected incidents like Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac arrest, has been noted.’s Jeffri Chadiha believes that the Bills’ past experience in overcoming challenges positions them well to navigate the difficulties of the current season.

Head coach McDermott emphasized the significance of defeating the Jets for the Bills’ postseason aspirations and team morale.

The history of struggles against the Jets added weight to the importance of the 32-16 victory, preventing a scenario that McDermott described as potentially “ugly.”

In summary, the Bills’ recent win and upcoming challenging matchups have sparked optimism among analysts, who see the team’s potential to contend in the AFC if key elements, including defense and offensive diversity, continue to perform well.

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