Wolves Fan’s Heartfelt Book Chronicles Unveils Untold Stories of Wolves’ Legends and Unsung Heroes…

A devoted Wolves fan and charity fundraiser, Jason Guy, has penned a compelling new book set to be released in early December. Titled “Tales from the Tape Volume Two,” the book delves into the stories of 36 former Wolves players, coaches, and backroom staff members.

Inspired by the ethos that “the dressing room door is always open,” the interviews, originally conducted for Guy’s Wolf Whistle Podcast, cover a wide range of subjects.

While featuring chapters dedicated to Wolves legends like Steve Bull, John Richards, Geoff Palmer, and others, the book also sheds light on lesser-known figures who played a significant role in the club’s history. From those with only a few game appearances to key behind-the-scenes personnel, each person contributes unique insights.

The book encompasses a variety of experiences, not limited to football but extending into the broader spectrum of life. Former Wolves goalkeeper Matt Murray adds a touch of humor with an entertaining foreword, sharing anecdotes from his time living with Guy.

Guy emphasizes the diversity of the book, ranging from life-affirming stories to more serious topics. The narratives include Geoff Thomas’s battle with leukemia, Alan Hinton’s experience of losing a child, Paul Stewart’s struggles with child abuse, and other players opening up about addiction issues.

Amidst the serious content, the book maintains a balance with lighthearted football tales. Guy highlights two stories, one featuring former Wolves physio Denis Conyerd, who secured the job after an unconventional interview with Derek Dougan, and another about John Teasdale, whose post-football journey involved unexpected encounters with rock star Rod Stewart and Hollywood actress Linda Blair.

“Tales from the Tape Volume 2” follows the success of Guy’s first book, stemming from his involvement with the Wolves Allstars team. The book is a written adaptation of interviews from the Wolf Whistle podcast, which initially aimed to bring the fascinating stories from the dressing room to a wider audience.

Notably, all proceeds from the book, priced at £25 and available for pre-order, will go to three charities: Breast Cancer Now (in memory of Guy’s former wife Lucy), the 1p36 Family Trust supporting his daughter Olivia, and the Neo-Natal department at New Cross Hospital, which assisted Guy’s wife Aimee and Olivia after her birth.

Over the last decade, Guy’s fundraising efforts, including various events and initiatives, have raised an impressive £385,000 for these charities. The upcoming Wolves Allstars fixture against an FA Veterans XI is expected to draw a significant turnout of former players, with proceeds also benefiting the three charities.

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