Frustration Looms Over the Lack of Target for Two Prominent Wide Receivers for the Buccaneer…

The article highlights the frustration over the lack of targets for Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, two prominent wide receivers for the Buccaneers.

The author expresses a strong opinion, suggesting that the situation is so dire that trading Godwin in the offseason would be preferable if he continues to be underutilized. The first half of a recent game is emphasized, where the duo received only one target combined.

The author suggests the need for a Congressional investigation to emphasize the severity of the issue, but the coaching staff and quarterback explain that the limited targets were a result of various factors.

Both Todd Bowles and Baker Mayfield attribute the low target count to the team’s inability to maintain possession in the first half and the defensive coverages employed by the 49ers.

Mayfield acknowledges the defensive strategy of focusing on stopping key players like Evans and Godwin, while Bowles emphasizes the lack of offensive snaps in the initial half. He mentions that the team improved in the second half when they had more offensive opportunities.

The author, however, questions the validity of the defensive strategy argument, pointing out that opposing defenses have targeted Evans and Godwin in previous seasons without hindering their involvement in the game.

The article concludes with a critical view, suggesting that the team prioritizes running plays with other players instead of making an effort to get the ball to Evans and Godwin, insinuating that if there was a strong desire to involve them, there are ways to do so through strategic planning.

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