Padres are on the verge of loosing 25 year-old Dominican baseball outfielder to Phillies…

The Phillies are reportedly considering a potential trade for the Padres’ Juan Soto, who may be on the trade block.

Despite speculation about the Padres keeping Soto until around the 2024 trade deadline, some experts, including Buster Olney of ESPN, anticipate a change before Opening Day.

Financial issues seem to be motivating the Padres to explore trade options. After a significant spending spree in 2023, resulting in the third-highest payroll at $256 million, the team had to secure a $50 million loan in September. Additionally, a decline in broadcast revenue further strained their finances.

With the goal of reducing their payroll to approximately $200 million for 2024, the Padres face the decision to either go all-in for a postseason return or capitalize on valuable players for trade returns. Given Soto’s anticipated high salary in arbitration and the impending need for a substantial contract, coupled with potential losses of key pitchers, the Padres may need to allocate funds differently.

Baseball America’s Kyle Glaser suggests the Phillies are among the top five teams capable of making a trade for Soto. The proposed package could include center fielder Johan Rojas, starting pitcher Mick Abel, and infielders Starlyn Caba, Bryan Rincon, and William Bergolla.

Rojas demonstrated speed and defensive prowess during the regular season but struggled offensively in the postseason. Abel, the Phillies’ second-highest-ranked prospect, is expected to join the big leagues in 2024, showcasing a promising performance in the minor leagues.

Soto, entering his last year of arbitration, will be under team control for one more season before becoming a free agent in 2025. While the Phillies’ estimated 2024 payroll is $210.3 million, financial constraints are unlikely to be a hindrance if the organization decides to pursue the trade.

Phillies’ President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski, expressed confidence in having the necessary finances to support their plans. However, the decision ultimately boils down to what the Phillies prioritize most this offseason, possibly leaving Soto out of their plans.

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