How Jets Defense are Mapping Special Plan for Taming Bills ‘Superman’…

The Jets face the challenge of containing the formidable Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, who was passed on by the Jets in favor of Sam Darnold due to concerns about Allen’s accuracy during his time at Wyoming.

Despite this decision, Allen has evolved into the franchise quarterback that Jets fans have long desired. However, the current Jets team remains unfazed by the prospect of facing Allen, drawing parallels to how the Super Bowl Giants didn’t fear Tom Brady.

Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich acknowledges Allen’s ability to take over a game single-handedly, describing him as having a “little bit of Superman” in him. While Allen has had success against the Jets in the past, the team’s recent defensive prowess, particularly highlighted by Jordan Whitehead’s interceptions, gives them confidence heading into the matchup.

Whitehead, who intercepted Allen four times in their last three encounters, expresses eagerness for another interception, noting that Allen may attempt to redeem himself after throwing three interceptions in their previous game. The Jets believe their defensive style can disrupt Allen’s rhythm and make him impatient, emphasizing their strategy to prevent deep throws and utilize occasional spies to counter Allen’s running threat.

C.J. Mosley emphasizes the team’s understanding of Allen’s playing style, while acknowledging his athleticism and speed. The Jets plan to adapt to Allen’s unpredictability and maintain a disciplined defense, recognizing the importance of playing with good eyes and winning the second play of each down.

With a new offensive coordinator in play for the Bills, the Jets anticipate adjustments in Allen’s approach. Despite Allen’s impressive arm strength and athleticism, the Jets aim to apply pressure, emphasizing the need to contain him and prevent escapes to his right, a situation where big plays often occur.

Quinton Jefferson, who recorded two sacks in the season opener against the Bills, emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on Allen while maintaining strategic awareness. As the Jets prepare for the showdown, their confidence in their defensive strategy remains high, and they look forward to the challenge of containing the dynamic quarterback.

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