‘A Plea for a Permanent Move’ – Why Leicester City Urged to Invest in 20 year-old defender… 

In the midst of the international break, Helen Thompson passionately advocates for Leicester City to secure the services of loan star Callum Doyle.

Hot takes, akin to those on platforms like TikTok, often change rapidly in football discussions, but Thompson believes a swift move for Doyle is essential, assuming Leicester City secures promotion.

Thompson argues that, regardless of Doyle’s youth (20 years old) and limited appearances for the club, his impact is undeniable. She emphasizes the need for Leicester City to break the bank and tempt Manchester City into selling Doyle, drawing parallels to Chelsea’s acquisition of Cole Palmer.

Describing Doyle as a quintessential modern defender in the 2023 football landscape, Thompson highlights his versatility, calmness on the field, and notable contributions as a left-back. She underscores his potential for growth and development, urging the club to invest in a player who could build a long-lasting career with Leicester.

Thompson dismisses concerns about Doyle’s age, pointing out his extensive senior club experience and the valuable lessons learned during two play-off adventures with different clubs. She stresses the importance of creativity and precision passing that Doyle brings to the team, emphasizing his impact on the attack.

The article acknowledges Doyle’s unfortunate injury against Bristol City and laments the lack of depth compared to the previous season. Thompson expresses the missed spark that Doyle provides, noting his positive influence on the team’s attacking prowess and contribution to the early season.

While recognizing James Justin’s abilities, Thompson points out that Doyle adds a different dimension to the attack, with a keen eye for precision passing. She believes Doyle’s return in 2024 would significantly boost Leicester City’s promotion bid.

Concluding the plea, Thompson asserts that Doyle is not a player content with sitting on the bench, predicting a potential starting role for him under Maresca or any future manager with a keen eye for talent. The article ends with a humorous call for the club to prepare the checkbook and secure Doyle’s permanent move.

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