Kansas City Chiefs Coach Gives His Honest Opinion on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Romance

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid expressed his support for the romantic relationship between star tight end Travis Kelce and singer Taylor Swift during a recent press conference.

Responding to a question about other NFL coaches seeking access to Swift, Reid nonchalantly stated that it hasn’t been a topic of discussion.

He went on to convey his approval of the relationship, stating, “I’m just glad he’s found someone he likes, and she’s found someone she likes. That’s a good thing.”

Reid had previously joked with the media about playing a role in setting up Kelce and Swift. In an interview on Outkick’s The Five Spot, he mentioned knowing Swift from Philadelphia, where her father was a big NFL fan.

Reid humorously suggested his involvement in bringing the two together, adding, “She’s a good girl, she’s into it, we’re glad she’s here.”

These comments from Reid follow a significant weekend for Kelce and Swift, during which Kelce traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to attend Swift’s Eras Tour.

At the concert, Swift altered the lyrics of “Karma” as a nod to Kelce and shared an on-stage kiss with him. A source revealed that the couple is thoroughly enjoying their time together, expressing excitement and joy openly.

Friends and family reportedly share in their happiness, considering them a great match.

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