West Brom Finance expert shares his perspective on the potential impact of a new EFL and Premier League deal…

Finance expert Dr. Daniel Plumley, our exclusive columnist for West Brom, shared his perspective on the potential impact of a new EFL and Premier League deal, valued at over £915 million.

Despite no formal agreements, Richard Masters aims to present the deal to clubs for a vote this month, according to a November 1 report by Sky News.

Dr. Plumley emphasized that non-parachute payment clubs like West Brom could stand to gain the most from this proposed deal. Even if West Brom doesn’t secure promotion to the Premier League, there could be significant benefits, with the possibility of up to £8 million at stake.

He acknowledged the strong start to the season for West Brom but highlighted the competition from clubs with parachute payments, which statistically have a higher chance of promotion.

In an exclusive statement to West Brom News, Dr. Plumley outlined the dynamics of the Championship, noting that if West Brom doesn’t achieve promotion, they could reap greater rewards from the proposed deal.

He explained that the uplift for non-parachute payment clubs could be substantial, extending into the next couple of years. While the additional £6-8 million would depend on the agreement between clubs and the EFL and Premier League, Dr. Plumley emphasized the long-term benefits for non-parachute payment clubs as a significant advantage.

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