‘Irish Maths’ – McLysaght has issued his honest verdict amid Rugby World Cup victory, Ireland winger has issued a heartfelt statement as he embarks on the “next chapter” of his career…


Ireland emerged victorious in the Rugby World Cup, thanks to a unique perspective known as ‘Irish Maths.’..

According to Emer McLysaght, the concept of ‘Girl Math’ gained popularity on social media, originating from TikTok. It humorously explores how some women rationalize spending, like considering returned items as profits or justifying early ticket purchases for future events as essentially free when the time comes. The trend expanded to include ‘Boy Math,’ highlighting amusing ways men allegedly approach certain situations, such as misconceptions about height or restaurant etiquette.

In the Irish context, the author suggests that Ireland’s Rugby World Cup win is a result of Irish Maths. Despite being knocked out by New Zealand, the logic goes that since Ireland had previously defeated South Africa, and South Africa went on to beat the All Blacks, Ireland essentially became champions through this convoluted calculation. Irish Maths also extends to everyday scenarios, like the belief that using a Leap Card for public transport is essentially free travel, regardless of the need for frequent top-ups.

Irish Maths, however, is not limited to sports or practical matters. It also influences social dynamics, such as the fluid interpretation of attendance numbers at protests or the willingness to travel further for cheaper petrol. The author humorously acknowledges that Irish Maths may not always be ethical, citing instances like trading personal data for discounts or justifying extravagant airport expenses as somehow exempt from regular budgeting.

The pub scene is a particularly fertile ground for Irish Maths, where unconventional rules apply, such as non-drinkers being exempt from buying rounds, regardless of the cost of their non-alcoholic options. Shared items like Bacon Fries are considered communal, irrespective of who paid for them. Moreover, there’s a lighthearted critique of pub pricing, suggesting that any establishment charging more than a euro for cordial should face dire consequences.

Finally, the article touches on the unique realm of ‘Landlord Maths,’ suggesting that the only way to rationalize high Irish rents is by convincing oneself that the landlord is responsible for repairs, unless dealing with a particularly perplexing “cowboy landlord.”



Munster and Ireland winger Andrew Conway has issued a heartfelt statement as he embarks on the “next chapter” of his career…

Conway, who rose through the ranks at Blackrock College and played 42 times for Leinster before joining Munster in 2013, marked a significant moment in 2017 with his first cap for Ireland.

One of the standout highlights of Conway’s time with Munster occurred during the 2018 Champions Cup quarter-final against Toulon, where he showcased his skill with a remarkable solo try. Unfortunately, injuries posed challenges in recent seasons, leading to his absence throughout the 2022/23 season. Nonetheless, Conway made a poignant return, marking his 150th and final appearance against the Sharks in October.

Expressing admiration for Conway, Munster head coach Graham Rowntree praised him as a highly respected and popular member of the squad, highlighting his outstanding contributions both on and off the field. Rowntree commended Conway’s resilience, noting his significant milestone of scoring his 50th try for Munster during his farewell match.

Rowntree emphasized Conway’s professionalism and predicted further success in whatever endeavors he pursues next. The coach extended well wishes to Conway and his family for their future endeavors.

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