Phillies Eyeing World Series Champ and Baseball Pitcher as Potential Pitching Savior in Offseason…

A former MLB executive believes that the Philadelphia Phillies may sign a World Series champion pitcher during the offseason, especially as they prioritize bolstering their pitching staff.

While they’ve already made two moves to strengthen their bullpen, these additions won’t suffice for a full season, and they require a top-tier starting pitcher.

One major concern is the possibility of losing Aaron Nola to another team, who appears willing to offer him a lucrative deal. If Nola departs, there’s speculation that the Phillies might turn to another National League contender.

Jim Bowden, the former MLB executive, predicts that in such a scenario, the Phillies will swiftly shift their focus and sign Jordan Montgomery, a left-handed pitcher who recently won a World Series and could join them on a five-year, $127 million contract.

Although losing Nola would be disappointing, there’s acknowledgment that he had a less impressive season despite his strong playoff performance. On the other hand, Montgomery seems to be hitting his prime, having recorded his lowest career ERA (3.20) in 32 starts and 188 2/3 innings during the past season.

He performed even better in the playoffs with a 2.90 ERA across six appearances. Montgomery’s acquisition by the Texas Rangers at the trade deadline was a significant factor in their World Series victory.

In conclusion, if the Phillies fail to retain Aaron Nola, it’s likely that they will pursue Jordan Montgomery as a solid replacement, considering the contract terms predicted by Jim Bowden.

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