Former Bengals Running Back has returned to the Paycor Stadium on a Different Role…

NFL running back Giovani Bernard has made a unique comeback to his former team, the Cincinnati Bengals, but this time not as a player but as a photographer. During Week 9 of the NFL season, when the Bengals faced off against the Bills, Bernard, who had played for Cincinnati from 2013 to 2020 before retiring in 2022, was back at Paycor Stadium.

The Bengals’ social media team celebrated Bernard’s return, showcasing heartwarming moments as he reunited with his former teammates. Bernard, equipped with a Sony mirrorless camera, was seen alongside fellow photographers capturing the game action.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Bernard shared with Telemundo Sports, “I’m having a great time. Typically, I’m in front of the camera, but right now, I’m actually behind the camera, so I’m able to be here with the NFL, shooting the game. I’ve always loved cameras, I’ve always loved photography; it’s a significant passion of mine. To delve deeper into my passion is truly an honor.”

In a lighthearted TikTok video, Bernard playfully quipped, “If I don’t get a single shot, it’s not my fault.” However, he did manage to capture several shots. The Bengals even hosted a gallery featuring his photographs, which included some keepers and others that were still part of his learning curve in photography. Hopefully, Bernard will continue to explore this new endeavor.

Giovani Bernard joins the ranks of athletes like Ken Griffey Jr., a baseball legend and Hall of Famer who was spotted taking photos of soccer star Lionel Messi during an Inter Miami game in Florida and an NFL game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Randy Johnson has transitioned into an accomplished photographer since retiring from the baseball mound. Johnson mentioned in a recent interview that his love for photography began during his travels, particularly in Africa, where he found joy in capturing images of wildlife.

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