Bradford City CEO Seeks Trusted Opinions and Patience in Managerial Appointment…

Bradford City’s CEO, Ryan Sparks, consulted with trusted individuals in the football industry before appointing Graham Alexander as the club’s new manager.

Sparks emphasized the importance of seeking a variety of opinions when making such a significant decision, especially for a club as sizable as Bradford City.

While acknowledging the restlessness among fans during the prolonged decision-making process, Sparks defended the time spent on interviews, explaining that it was necessary for thorough due diligence.

Sparks also commended Kevin McDonald, who temporarily took charge and lifted team morale after Mark Hughes’ dismissal. When asked about the people he consulted before appointing Alexander, Sparks mentioned that he didn’t seek input from the players but relied on individuals he trusted within football.

Some of these trusted individuals were involved in the interview process, and Sparks stressed the importance of gathering diverse perspectives.

Despite the delay between Hughes’ departure and Alexander’s appointment, Sparks regarded the interest from fans and the media as a positive sign of the club’s significance and popularity. He appreciated the fact that people cared about the club and its future.

Regarding McDonald’s interim role, Sparks expressed gratitude for the positive impact he had on the team’s atmosphere during his short stint as interim manager. He highlighted McDonald’s ability to make strategic decisions and manage the squad effectively.

Sparks reaffirmed his confidence in Graham Alexander as the right choice for the managerial position, emphasizing the extensive interview and evaluation process that led to the decision.

He believed that Alexander’s track record and management style aligned with the club’s ambitions and mentality, and he expressed enthusiasm about the future under Alexander’s leadership.

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