Stephen A. Smith Makes Surprising Statement About The Cowboys…

Stephen A. Smith has made an unexpected statement regarding the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl prospects.

Despite the fact that the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in nearly 30 years and have faced numerous obstacles, such as questionable coaching, subpar quarterback performance, and unfortunate circumstances, Smith now believes they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

In a recent segment of Get Up, Smith, a self-confessed Cowboys critic, acknowledged that the Cowboys possess an abundance of talent at every position and that they could and should have won their recent game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

His co-host, former NFL legend Shannon Sharpe, remains skeptical, referring to the Cowboys as the same old team that tends to falter under pressure despite their talent.

In reality, it has been quite some time since the Cowboys demonstrated their ability against winning teams. They have often experienced humiliating defeats or heart-wrenching losses to genuine Super Bowl contenders, which explains Sharpe’s skepticism about the team’s ability to finally succeed.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys still possess the resources to prove their critics wrong. However, their recent performances against the San Francisco 49ers over the past three years suggest that they have much work to do to change the prevailing narrative.

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