“When Mediocrity Shines…” – The Tampa Bay Player That Shocked The NFL World Against Houston…

Rachaad White had a noteworthy day on the field, carrying the ball 20 times for 73 yards in the game against Houston. While it may have seemed impressive, his average yards per carry were just 3.65.

Last season, NFL running backs had an average of 4.4 yards per rush.

This illustrates the current state of the Tampa Bay rushing offense, which is struggling overall. Any glimpse of success feels more significant than it should.

With the exception of White, other Bucs running backs managed only 4 yards on 7 carries today (not a typo). Baker Mayfield added 4 yards from 4 carries. In total, the Bucs mustered 81 yards on 31 carries, showing the team’s ongoing difficulties.

White did display moments of promise (which one would expect with 20 carries), and Joe wholeheartedly appreciates White’s two short-yardage touchdown runs. However, the 2023 rushing offense is still awaiting a day that meets the typical NFL standards for “good.”

Perhaps next week against Tennessee, White’s improvement and growing confidence will bring that much-needed success.

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