Latest Claims Reveal Why Cleveland Browns are Expecting to part ways with their star wide receiver…

The Cleveland Browns are expected to part ways with their star wide receiver Amari Cooper, whose contract presents a significant financial challenge for the team. While Cooper has been a key player in their passing game for the past two years, his 2024 salary cap hit of nearly $24 million may strain the Browns’ already tight budget, primarily due to Deshaun Watson’s massive $230 million guaranteed contract.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano predicts that the Browns will either release or trade Cooper next summer to save approximately $20 million in the upcoming season. Although there might be some dead money involved from a previous contract restructuring, cutting or trading Cooper could save the team $12.5 million in next year’s salary cap, or $20 million if they opt for a post-June 1 cut.

However, the Browns also have the option to keep Amari Cooper by extending his contract. This would involve converting a significant portion of his salary into bonuses and spreading out the cap hits over several years. Cooper has been a valuable player for the team, ranking 12th in receiving yards last season and performing well in the current season.

Nonetheless, the Browns face a financial challenge, as they are paying a fully guaranteed $46 million per season to quarterback Deshaun Watson, who has had limited playing time. This situation forces them to make tough decisions in other areas of their roster, given their projected cap constraints in 2024.

If the Browns ultimately decide to part ways with Amari Cooper due to cost or concerns about his age (29), they can apply the same cap strategy to signing a free agent in the upcoming spring. The 2024 free agency class features strong wide receiver options, including players like Calvin Ridley, Mike Evans, and Tee Higgins, who are set to hit the open market in March.

The availability of these players may change as teams extend contracts over the coming months. The Browns are likely to pursue one of these free agents if they choose to move on from Cooper, as their current wide receiver depth chart is limited after trading Donovan Peoples-Jones to the Detroit Lions.

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