Reds Prep for Free Agency Decisions and Fall Stars Showcase…

The Cincinnati Reds are gearing up for a significant day on Monday, which marks the official start of free agency. However, there’s a unique twist to the beginning of this year’s free agency period. Players who were expected to become free agents after the World Series are allowed to negotiate exclusively with their current teams until Monday.

One key decision looming for the Reds is whether they will exercise their options on Joey Votto and Curt Casali. Many anticipate that neither option will be picked up, and this assumption is likely accurate. Casali was signed in 2023 with the expectation of serving as a backup to Tyler Stephenson, but Luke Maile quickly surpassed him, leading to Maile’s re-signing for the 2024 season last month. Although there’s a possibility of the team retaining three catchers, it appears unlikely. Regarding Votto, there’s a $20,000,000 option with a $7,000,000 buyout if they choose not to exercise it. Given the financial considerations, it doesn’t seem probable that the Reds will exercise this option. However, there’s still a chance they may bring him back at a different price point.

In addition to these decisions, Monday marks the day when the Reds can begin negotiations with agents and players to bolster their roster in free agency. With around $37,000,000 allocated for payroll in 2024, there’s room to address the team’s needs through signings.

The free agent market offers numerous possibilities for Cincinnati to explore, and MLB Trade Rumors provides an up-to-date list of free agents or potential ones depending on option decisions. Recently, Jim Bowden of The Athletic analyzed top free agents and assessed their compatibility with the Reds.

It’s worth noting that most deals and trades aren’t typically finalized in November. The real action tends to occur during the Winter Meetings in early December. While the upcoming general manager meetings in Arizona may initiate some trade discussions, major trade developments are not expected at this stage.

In other news, the annual Fall Stars game is set to take place on Sunday night, although it’s more of a showcase than an All-Star game. The Reds will be represented by two prospects in the game: catcher Michael Trautwein and right-handed reliever Andrew Moore. If either of them participates in the game, you can watch it on Sunday at 8 pm ET via MLB Network or


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