Portsmouth boss’ sends a powerful message to the team amid their current stance in the league…

Portsmouth’s manager is delivering a strong message about their ability to maintain their impressive pace in the League One title race, despite Oxford United, Bolton Wanderers, Peterborough United, Derby County, and other teams pursuing them closely.

John Mousinho is confident that his team can sustain the outstanding performance they’ve displayed this season. He believes in the belief and self-assurance within his squad.

However, Mousinho is aware that they can’t afford to become complacent, as their rivals are determined to keep them from pulling away from the competition, especially with two-thirds of the season remaining.

If they were to maintain their current level of performance throughout the entire 46-game season, they would accumulate 107 points, a record that no team in the EFL has ever achieved before. While this is a challenging goal, Mousinho believes it is attainable.

When questioned about the sustainability of their form, Mousinho expressed confidence in their ability to do so. He emphasized their commitment to approaching each game with the intent to win, highlighting their positive outlook and determination, but also stressed the importance of hard work.

Mousinho also mentioned that they prefer not to set specific points targets but maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, all while remaining cautious of the competition’s intentions.

Mousinho admitted that even he didn’t anticipate the remarkable start his team has had this season. He attributed their early success to the hard work put in during the summer. He acknowledged the challenge of maintaining this level of performance in a highly competitive division.

He concluded by emphasizing the need to stay focused and work hard throughout the season, as league football is relentless and unforgiving. Portsmouth understands the fierce competition they face from other teams in the league and is determined to stay ahead.

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