Four Philadelphia Phillies Players Nominated for 2023 NL Silver Slugger Awards…

In the running for the 2023 NL Silver Slugger Awards, the Philadelphia Phillies have put forward four of their top performers. This group includes catcher J.T. Realmuto, shortstop Trea Turner, outfielder Kyle Schwarber, and designated hitter Bryce Harper.

The Phillies have also been recognized as finalists for the collective team Silver Slugger Award. Over the season, the Phillies exhibited a .256/.327/.438 slash line, accumulating 220 home runs and 771 RBIs, ranking them second in the NL for home runs and third for OPS with a .765 mark. As a team, the Phillies posted a 108 OPS+.

Among Phillies players who participated in at least 100 regular season games, Edmundo Sosa was the sole individual with an OPS+ below the league average of 100, registering a 95 OPS+ this season.

Here are the 2023 Phillies Silver Slugger Finalists:

J.T. Realmuto:

Realmuto played in 135 games during the season and recorded a .252/.310/.452 line with 20 home runs and 63 RBIs. Additionally, he boasted a .324 wOBA, a 106 OPS+, and a 102 wRC+. If Realmuto secures the award, it would mark his fourth career Silver Slugger and his second with the Phillies. Notably, Realmuto exhibited a significant disparity in his performance between home and away games, with a .198/.257/.320 line at home, compared to a robust .306/.364/.587 line on the road. Among qualified NL catchers, Realmuto ranked third in OPS and second in slugging, while placing fifth in batting average and OBP. His exceptional performance cements him as the premier catcher in baseball, making him a strong contender for the Silver Slugger Award this season.

Trea Turner:

Turner played 155 games during the season and posted a .266/.320/.459 line with 26 home runs and 76 RBIs. He also registered a .333 wOBA, a 111 OPS+, and a 108 wRC+. This would be Turner’s second Silver Slugger Award if he clinches it, and his first with the Phillies. Notably, Turner’s performance varied based on his count position, excelling with a .288/.456/.479 line when ahead and struggling with a .199/.209/.331 line when behind. Among qualified NL shortstops, Turner ranked third in OPS, second in slugging, second in batting average, and fifth in OBP this season. His remarkable turnaround in the second half of the season, following a warm reception in Philadelphia, has put him in contention for the Silver Slugger Award.

Kyle Schwarber:

Schwarber participated in 160 games this season and recorded a .197/.343/.474 line with an impressive 47 home runs and 104 RBIs. He also accumulated a .350 wOBA, a 122 OPS+, and a 119 wRC+. If Schwarber secures the award, it would be his second Silver Slugger, both achieved with the Phillies. Like Turner, Schwarber faced challenges when behind in the count (.099/.106/.231 line), but he excelled when ahead (.253/.565/.545). Among qualified NL outfielders, Schwarber tied for the ninth-best OPS and ranked ninth in slugging, although his batting average and OBP were not as high. Schwarber’s power output, despite a lower batting average, positions him as a strong candidate for the Silver Slugger Award.

Bryce Harper:

In 126 games this season, Harper delivered an impressive performance with a .293/.401/.499 line, featuring 21 home runs and 72 RBIs. He also boasted a .384 wOBA, a 146 OPS+, and a 142 wRC+ for the year. This would mark Harper’s third Silver Slugger Award, and his second with the Phillies. In 2023, Harper performed exceptionally well at home with a .352/.459/.622 line, compared to his road performance of .233/.340/.374. Among qualified NL designated hitters, Harper ranked second in OPS and third in slugging, while leading in batting average and OBP for the season. Despite a delayed start to the season, Harper’s impressive campaign at the plate played a pivotal role in the Phillies’ offensive success. All things considered, Bryce Harper is a deserving candidate for the 2023 Silver Slugger Award.

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