Embiid gives his honest verdict as he Reflects on Harden’s Departure…

Embiid acknowledges Harden’s positive contributions in Philadelphia but emphasizes the need to move forward.

Harden expressed his identity as a “system” player, contrasting it with the label of a “system player.” While Embiid initially hoped for an NBA championship alongside Harden, his perspective has shifted, now aiming to win with the 76ers against the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Finals.

The 76ers, relieved to be free from the daily drama surrounding Harden, recently traded him to the Clippers, thus ending the partnership’s promise of two MVPs chasing a championship.

Embiid believes that they now have a complete team, free from the distractions caused by star players’ concerns about their roles, contracts, and locker room dynamics. The 76ers have had a strong start to the season, with Embiid performing exceptionally well and Tyrese Maxey embracing the No. 2 role that Harden had struggled with. Additionally, Tobias Harris and Kelly Oubre Jr. are playing pivotal roles.

Harden criticized the Sixers on his way out, claiming he was restricted and underappreciated in Philadelphia. He mentioned that the team didn’t align with his ball-dominant playing style.

Embiid countered these claims, stating that they provided Harden with ample opportunities to excel and make decisions on the court.

The Sixers won their recent game against Toronto, where everyone contributed. Harden’s presence in the locker room and team merchandise have disappeared.

Despite the uncertainty of what could have been with a healthy and content Harden, Embiid believes in their current team’s potential.

Sixers coach Nick Nurse had to navigate the challenges posed by Harden’s behavior, which included late arrival to training camp and inconsistent participation in practice.

Although Nurse publicly expressed his willingness to coach Harden, he had doubts about the possibility. He praised Harden’s work ethic and professionalism during his time with the team but lamented that they never got to the game stage.

Embiid maintains that Harden was not a distraction and credits him for his contributions. However, Harden’s time in Philly has come to an end.

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