Crawley Town Manager Reflects on Team’s Position and Challenges…

Crawley Town’s manager, Scott Lindsey, remains optimistic about the team’s position despite a winless October, referring to it as being a ‘victim of my own success.’

In September, the Reds were joint leaders in League Two alongside Notts County, but they now find themselves in 14th place, still within five points of the top. Lindsey emphasized that while October hasn’t been productive in terms of points, they are still in a favorable position.

Over 15 games, they’ve accumulated 21 points, averaging 1.4 points per game. If this pace continues, they could end up with 65 points, which is not far from the playoff zone. Lindsey acknowledged the significant transformation the team has undergone since he joined, describing it as night and day.

Lindsey also pointed out that the team is still in its early stages, with only a few players from the previous season’s squad remaining. He believes they need time to gel as a completely new team.

He acknowledged that their strong start to the season may have set high expectations, but he urged everyone to remain patient and not forget how far they’ve come. Despite the disappointment of their October results, Lindsey emphasized that they are in a healthy position.

Looking ahead to their upcoming FA Cup match against Notts County in November, Lindsey expressed the desire to enter the game with a positive mindset, even though their recent results haven’t been ideal. He acknowledged the challenge posed by Notts County, who currently hold the second position in League Two.

Lindsey emphasized the importance of personal pride, financial gain for the club, and making their fans proud in this competition. He acknowledged the similarity in playing styles between the two teams and praised Notts County’s coach, Luke Williams, whom he had worked with previously at Swindon.

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