Some scary figures from the Colorado Rockies’ 2023 season…

Let’s delve into some concerning statistics from the Colorado Rockies’ 2023 season on this Halloween day. It’s akin to expanding on Patrick Saunders’ recent column titled ‘Numbers Depict a Troubling State of the Franchise.’

It’s almost like experiencing ‘A Nightmare on Blake Street,’ with various alarming data points replacing Freddy Krueger as the central figure.

  1. 163 – The Rockies managed to hit just 163 home runs in 2023, ranking a dismal 27th in the league. This is especially disappointing for a team that plays half its games in one of baseball’s most hitter-friendly ballparks. To put it into perspective, the Atlanta Braves topped the charts with 307 home runs, nearly double the Rockies’ tally.
  2. 76 – Colorado stole only 76 bases last season, a meager figure when compared to the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 166 stolen bases. The Rockies need to capitalize on the new rules favoring speedier teams, as the Cincinnati Reds led the league with 190 stolen bases.
  3. -19.9 – The Rockies’ abysmal BsR ranking is closely tied to their stolen base performance and is the worst in baseball. They must enhance their base-running skills, while the Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Rays had the highest BsR at 14.8.
  4. 78 – Colorado’s collective wRC+ stands at 78, marking the lowest in MLB. The offensive struggles are deeply concerning, especially when the Atlanta Braves boast the highest team wRC+ at 125.
  5. 25.5% – The Rockies’ K% was the third-highest in the league, with only the Minnesota Twins performing worse at 26.6%. While the Coors Effect might explain some of this, it’s still a nightmarish statistic that the team needs to reduce.
  6. 5.91 – The starting rotation’s ERA is a discouraging 5.91, partly due to multiple injuries plaguing Rockies’ pitching. They must prioritize improving this aspect in the upcoming season.
  7. 767.0 – Colorado’s starting rotation pitched the third-fewest innings in the league, putting added pressure on the bullpen. Reducing this workload should be a priority to protect the bullpen.
  8. 647.0 – The bullpen had to handle a significant workload, ranking seventh in terms of innings pitched. This is an imposing figure for a relief corps.
  9. 5.41 – The bullpen’s ERA suffered from the extensive workload, culminating in the highest ERA in MLB.
  10. 84.1 – Jake Bird was the reliever who pitched the most innings in 2023, a substantial 84.1 innings. The Rockies need to use their relievers more judiciously to avoid wearing out the bullpen prematurely.
  11. $27 million – The Rockies will pay Kris Bryant $27 million in 2024. There’s hope that Bryant will be healthy and productive, but the last two seasons have been disappointing. With five years remaining on his contract, Bryant’s health is a significant concern.
  12. $15 million – Charlie Blackmon’s one-year extension salary is $15 million. While Blackmon provides leadership to the young team, this may be an excessive amount to allocate. The combination of Bryant’s and Blackmon’s contracts limits the Rockies’ financial flexibility.
  13. 59-103 – The Rockies finished with a dismal 59-103 record in 2023. While injuries to the starting rotation and the inclusion of rookies explain some of this, reaching 100 losses is alarming and indicates fundamental issues within the team.

Bill Schmidt and the Rockies front office will have their hands full during the offseason to avoid a repeat of the 2023 season’s horror story.”

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