Why Michael Smith Remains Extra Motivated…

Continuing to Draw Extra Motivation from Raymond van Barneveld – Michael Smith Secures Easy Win in European Championship Opener”

Michael Smith sailed into the second round of the European Championship, registering an impressive 6-1 victory over Raymond van Barneveld in his initial match.

Smith reflected on his motivation, stating, “I previously mentioned that after my defeat to Barney in Holland, it served as a much-needed wake-up call. Following that loss, I immediately returned to the practice board. While my performance tonight wasn’t flawless, it was sufficient to clinch the win.”

Smith’s encounters with Van Barneveld have consistently ignited a special fire within him. He explained, “Back in 2016, I suffered a 5-4 loss to him in the World Championship quarterfinals, and I vowed to myself that I would never lose to him again. We had a draw in the Premier League, but until our match in Holland about six weeks ago, I never allowed myself to be defeated by him. That recent loss reignited my commitment to practice, and I can’t stress it enough, he’s the one opponent I’m determined not to lose to.”

In the upcoming round, Smith is set to face Peter Wright. Analyzing his current form, Smith commented, “I still feel like I’m facing some challenges, yet even in my struggles, I’m managing to maintain an average of 98 or 99. I’m looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow as I prepare for Saturday. The primary focus is on the upcoming match, and I’m not concerned about my form; I’ll be ready.

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