‘Stay or Go’ – A Key Decision on 3 players for the Philadelphia Phillies This Offseason Amid Strategic Contract Extensions…

The Philadelphia Phillies face several important decisions this offseason, including the potential re-signing of key players like Aaron Nola and Rhys Hoskins.

However, they also have eight players eligible for arbitration in 2024, and it’s crucial for the organization to consider signing some of these players to extended contracts that cover their remaining arbitration years and possibly early free agency periods.

By doing so, the Phillies can follow the example set by Aaron Nola, who inked a four-year deal in 2019, effectively avoiding most of his arbitration years.

José Alvarado similarly signed a two-year extension shortly after settling his arbitration case last season, which bought out his final arbitration year and his initial free agency year, ultimately saving the team money.

A comparable move was made with Seranthony Domínguez last offseason, securing him under a two-year contract with a club option for 2025.

Signing players to extended contracts that encompass both arbitration and free agency years not only benefits the Phillies financially but also demonstrates trust in the players and eliminates the distractions of future contract negotiations.

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