Derek Lalonde sounds a shocking ‘alarm’ as he remains unfazed after the Detroit Red Wings’ loss to the Jets…

Despite the 4-1 defeat, the head coach maintains an optimistic view of the team’s performance.

He suggests that when you delve into the statistics beyond the score, the game appears relatively even, perhaps even favoring the Red Wings.

Lalonde emphasizes that he believes the team’s game plan was not flawed during the match. He acknowledges moments of energy and effort but notes that they lacked sustained intensity, which might have contributed to the outcome.

Lalonde’s lack of concern about the team’s 0-1-1 record in their last two games underscores his belief that the Red Wings have shown promise and have done “some pretty good things” during this period.

In summary, Derek Lalonde’s assessment provides a balanced perspective on the Detroit Red Wings’ recent performance. Despite the loss, he remains confident in the team’s potential, highlighting positive elements in their play and showing resilience and determination needed for a successful season, even in the face of a short winless streak.

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