‘I don’t call the plays’ – Jameson Williams discusses the potential benefits of receiving more early targets in order to improve his performance…

When the Detroit Lions drafted him in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, they hoped he would become a top deep threat in the league.

However, his current NFL career shows as many drops as catches, leading to suggestions that he needs more opportunities.

In response to his two fourth-quarter drops against the Baltimore Ravens, Williams acknowledged the need for improvement.

He expressed his focus on the team’s overall performance and admitted that he can certainly do better, stating, “My performance, it can get better for sure. Gotta get better.”

Regarding the pace of the Lions’ offense during their 38-6 loss to the Ravens, Williams believed they could have played faster. He noted that the team’s early three-and-outs affected their rhythm, and a faster start might have led to a different outcome. Williams emphasized the need for the offense to start stronger in the initial drives of the game.

As for whether receiving more targets would help him, Williams stated that it’s beyond his control, saying, “I’m not sure. I don’t call the plays.”

Williams also stressed the importance of the Lions improving as a team and disregarded negative opinions about the team following their loss to the Ravens.

He considered the loss unacceptable and looked forward to their upcoming game on Monday night, aiming for a victory and continued progress as a team.

In conclusion, while Jameson Williams is still young and labeling him as a “bust” prematurely may not be fair, he recognized the urgency for improvement.

In the NFL, young players, especially in the wide receiver position, are expected to make an impact early. If they fail to meet expectations, there’s a constant pressure to perform, and eventually, players who don’t deliver may be traded.

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