Leinster and Ireland star breaks his silence on his Rugby World Cup heartbreak…

Leinster and Ireland rugby star, Jordan Larmour, has opened up about the heartbreak he experienced when he didn’t make the cut for Ireland’s squad in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Despite regaining his form and receiving a call from the Ireland coach, Andy Farrell, the news was disheartening as he was well aware of the outcome.

Larmour recently returned to action with Leinster in the first URC game of the season, although the match ended in defeat.

At 26 years old, he was one of the older players in the Leinster lineup and had hoped that his performances in the previous season would secure his spot in the national team.

However, having not represented Ireland since the summer of 2021, he didn’t even make it into the preliminary World Cup training squad, a fact that left him immensely disappointed. Larmour shared his feelings, saying, “Obviously hugely disappointing.

I thought last season I was playing alright. I found a bit of form again and when you get the call from Faz and you look down at your phone, it’s not a nice feeling because you know what’s coming.”

He received the news while on holiday, and it took him a few days to overcome the initial disappointment and feelings of sadness. Larmour stressed the importance of moving forward and focusing on what he can control, which is his performance on the field.

Despite facing disappointment in the past, he has learned to handle it better, not beating himself up or taking it out on others. Instead, he adopts a more pragmatic approach, accepting the situation and focusing on improvement.

Injuries have played a role in Larmour’s challenges at the Test level, and he has incorporated a rigorous daily warm-up routine to address his physical weaknesses.

Looking ahead, Larmour is determined to earn more Test caps and is aware that he needs to excel with Leinster in the URC and the Champions Cup.

He emphasized, “The ultimate goal is to get back playing for Ireland. This season is just trying to do everything I can to put myself in a position that, if I get the opportunity, I’m ready.”

He acknowledges that the rugby landscape is always evolving, with new talents emerging, and increased competition.

Larmour is determined to thrive in this environment and is focused on improving as a player, not dwelling on what might happen four years down the line when the next World Cup comes around. For now, his primary aim is to consistently deliver his best performances and grow as a player.

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