The Full Story Behind Her Fandom – Why Did Chargers Superfan Who Went Viral Also Support the Vikings? 

Merrianne Do unexpectedly gained viral fame due to her intense reactions during the Los Angeles Chargers’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football.

Whenever someone goes viral, especially in today’s age, people tend to scrutinize their background and story. Merrianne Do was no exception.

Do made the rounds in the media, appearing on The Pat McAfee Show and The NFL Network. Contrary to some speculations, social media didn’t uncover any criminal history or suggest that she was a paid actor. Instead, they found something intriguing – she was also a Minnesota Vikings fan.

This revelation led to criticism from many on social media. People couldn’t understand how she could be so passionate about the Chargers while also supporting another team from a different conference, located far away in Minnesota.

Shortly after the news of her dual NFL fandom spread, “Boston” Connor Campbell, a producer on The Pat McAfee Show, tried to provide an explanation.

He claimed that Do wasn’t actually a Vikings fan but was passionately supporting her son’s youth football team, coincidentally named the Vikings.

However, it turns out that Boston Connor’s explanation was not entirely accurate. Do later revealed in an interview with TMZ that she grew up in Minnesota and remained a Vikings fan, in addition to being a Chargers fan now residing in California.

While Do faced her fair share of detractors on social media, she also had numerous supporters who argued that it’s perfectly fine for someone to have multiple favorite teams.

NFL fans are known for their vibrant and enthusiastic support, and this episode during the Week 6 Monday Night Football game between the Chargers and the Cowboys was no exception.

The cameras captured a seemingly passionate Chargers superfan who caught the attention of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for her fervor. In the following days, Merrianne Do became the center of attention as she explained her passion for the Chargers.

However, as with many viral stories, there were doubts surrounding Do’s authenticity. But no matter how passionate a fan she was, some remained skeptical.

Do, the Chargers superfan, appeared during the Week 6 Monday Night Football matchup between the Cowboys and the Chargers. Even though the Chargers lost the game 20-17, Do remained completely invested and unwavering in her support.

Her reactions led to her becoming a viral sensation, and she made appearances on ESPN and the NFL Network to explain her fandom. During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” she explained that she had been a Chargers fan for 20 years since she moved to California. The Chargers even embraced her, using a photo of her as their profile picture on social media the day after the game.

Do expressed her authenticity, saying, “I wish I was getting paid, I wish I could make myself AI and make myself as beautiful as I want, but at the end of the day, this is me, guys. This is me. Crazy mom of four, crazy Chargers fan, crazy freaking football fan, and it is what it is.”

Do received a character reference from former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, who vouched for her as a “die-hard” fan from Orange County.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Do was her loyalty to teams. After her viral popularity, pictures of her wearing a Vikings jersey and face paint emerged, leading to questions about her NFL allegiance.

There was some confusion about whether she was dressed for one of her children’s football games, but she clarified in an interview with TMZ that she hails from Minnesota and couldn’t abandon her love for the Purple and Gold.

She explained, “I grew up in Minnesota before moving to California almost 20 years ago. I don’t think you have to be a single-team fan. I love my Chargers, and I’m not gonna deny my Vikings.”

In the end, her explanation appears to be plausible and verified. However, it’s worth noting that any explanation would have sufficed. It’s just sports, and there’s no rule against someone liking multiple teams.

NFL fans are known for their passion and colorful support, and the incident during the Chargers vs. Cowboys game is just another example of that enthusiasm.”

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