Bradford City  midfielder highlights the positive impact caretaker manager has had on the team…

Emmanuel Osadebe, a player for Bradford City, is praising caretaker manager Kevin McDonald and the positive impact he’s had on the team.

McDonald has been temporarily in charge of the team following the departure of former manager Mark Hughes, and his success in his first three matches has garnered support from both players and fans.

Osadebe, who scored the winning goal in two of those matches, highlights McDonald’s fresh ideas and high standards.

He describes how the team is responding to McDonald’s coaching, implementing a high-pressing style, creating scoring opportunities, dominating possession, and maintaining high standards both on and off the field.

According to Osadebe, McDonald is an honest and demanding leader, and the entire team has embraced his approach.

Osadebe also notes that the players are fully supportive of McDonald, and if it were a popularity contest among them, McDonald would already have the job.

He mentions that the team has a clear identity and strategy, emphasizing a high-pressing style and a commitment to winning matches.

Osadebe’s goal in a recent match underscores his adaptability and willingness to contribute in various roles as directed by McDonald.

He also mentions that the team works on different ideas and doesn’t rely on a single approach when things don’t go well.

Despite receiving a red card and a suspension, Osadebe is determined to make the most of his playing time, particularly in cup games.

Overall, it appears that Kevin McDonald has made a positive impression on the Bradford City team and has the support of both players and staff.

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