Swindon Town faces a critical juncture with their squad size…

Swindon Town faces a critical juncture with their squad size, according to Frazer Blake Tracy, following their 1-0 loss to Bradford City.

Swindon endured their second defeat in five days, with Bobby Pointon’s second-half goal sealing Bradford’s victory.

Blake-Tracy acknowledged that the team is well aware of the limitations in terms of squad depth but emphasized the need to move forward without using it as an excuse. He expressed his commitment to the club and its fans, citing his decision to stay in January.

He expressed disappointment for the fans making the long trip and for his teammates in the changing room. While acknowledging their smaller squad size, he stressed that they must adapt and give their best until at least January.

Blake-Tracy praised the influence of the manager, Michael Flynn, and Wayne Hatswell in maintaining team unity. Despite recent setbacks, he urged everyone to focus on the positives and expressed confidence that the team would continue working hard and staying positive.

He concluded by likening their situation to a “sink or swim” scenario, highlighting the importance of persevering despite their challenges.

Although Blake-Tracy believed in the team’s spirit, he acknowledged the need for some encouragement after the game. He urged the team to avoid abandoning their established style of play and to stick to their identity and return to winning ways.

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