Former NBA Star Expresses Concern Over Celtics’ Decision to Trade Starting Center…

Could the departure of Robert Williams come back to haunt the Celtics?

This offseason, the Celtics made a challenging move by trading away Robert Williams III, a decision that has already raised doubts about Boston’s ability to fill the defensive void left behind.

Williams had become the linchpin of Boston’s defense in the paint, showcasing an incredible shot-blocking ability and a remarkable vertical jump.

While his offensive impact was not as significant, his departure leaves the Celtics without their top two defensive assets, Marcus Smart being the first and Williams the second.

NBA legend Vince Carter is skeptical about the Celtics’ prospects without Williams.

“Losing Robert Williams is a significant blow,” Carter explained on ESPN’s “The VC Show.” “Some may argue that he has injury concerns, which is valid; he needs to stay healthy.

However, his defensive presence is absolutely crucial to their game plan. When you consider the challenges of defending players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid in the post, it becomes evident that they will struggle without him.”

Carter also pointed out that even if the Celtics manage to advance in the Eastern Conference, they will still face formidable inside threats in Nikola Jokic and Anthony Davis, and according to him, Boston lacks the necessary tools to handle them.

Just two years ago, Williams ranked second in the NBA for blocks per game, averaging 2.2.

Clearly, finding a replacement for Williams’ night-to-night contributions won’t be an easy task. Ideally, Boston should seek a more established defender with size to fill this void, and there’s still time before the playoffs to address this concern.

Perhaps as the season progresses, Carter’s concerns will become increasingly apparent to Boston.”

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