Why Petition emerges to ban Leeds star from professional football…

Supporters of QPR have initiated a petition aimed at securing a ban for Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford from professional football.

This move comes after Bamford was accused of engaging in a diving incident during a match against Queens Park Rangers (QPR).

In the said match, QPR’s goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic, was red-carded for an alleged foul on Bamford in injury time, resulting in Leeds winning 1-0 at Elland Road on October 4th.

Bamford went down in the penalty area while in a goal-scoring opportunity, but skeptics, including Tim Sherwood, argued that he fell without any actual contact.

The petition, organized by the “QPR Fanbase” account on change.org on October 5th, calls for Bamford to face a ban due to his consistent history of diving and simulating fouls to manipulate referees into penalizing his opponents.

It particularly cited the incident on October 4th, where Bamford’s dive outside the penalty area led to Asmir Begovic’s suspension and a three-game ban.

The petition’s statement asserts, “I call on the EFL to ban Patrick Bamford from playing football again, to uphold the integrity of this league.”

Unfortunately for Bamford, video replays overwhelmingly support the claim that there was no contact between him and Begovic during the incident, and as a result, Begovic will be serving a suspension.

The motivation behind Bamford’s decision to go to ground in a goal-scoring situation remains unclear.

Sports journalist Darren Witcoop has suggested that Bamford should be the one facing a ban for his actions, and some QPR fans share this sentiment.

It’s evident that Bamford has garnered significant disfavor in the West London area due to this incident. It’s worth noting that a similar reaction would likely occur if the roles were reversed, and a QPR player attempted to have a Leeds player sent off.

As is often the case in such situations, by the weekend, the incident will likely be forgotten, and everyone involved will move on.

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