Why Najee Harris voices strong support for coaches amidst the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive struggles…

The Steelers currently find themselves ranked 29th in total offense and rushing offense among the 32 NFL teams. According to Harris, he attributes this underperformance to the players themselves.

While the Pittsburgh Steelers hold a 2-2 record, there’s room for improvement, particularly in the running game. Najee Harris, who achieved consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons in 2021 and 2022, has faced substantial challenges this season. He’s gone to great lengths to address these issues, even convening a meeting with the Steelers’ offensive line.

Many of the offensive struggles, as perceived by Steelers fans, have been attributed to the playcalling of offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Despite this, Harris defended his coach on Wednesday, emphasizing that now is not the time for finger-pointing.

Harris stated, “The issues at hand have nothing to do with coaches; it’s solely on the players. We must elevate our performance and refrain from solely scrutinizing the coaches.”

The Steelers currently sit at 29th place in total offense and rushing offense among the 32 NFL teams. While some of the responsibility falls on the players, it’s undeniable that the coaches bear a share of the blame, and Matt Canada is certainly not exempt from criticism.

So far this season, Harris has accumulated 210 rushing yards and zero touchdowns across four games. The Steelers’ offense as a whole has managed just four touchdowns this season, indicating an urgent need for improvement.

Reigniting Najee Harris’ performance could undoubtedly benefit the team in multiple ways.

The Steelers are striving to bolster the confidence of Kenny Pickett, and a key element in achieving that goal is establishing a strong running game, making the most of Najee Harris.

With a 2-2 record, the Steelers retain a potential path to the playoffs, and Harris is poised to play a significant role in that journey.”

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