Rotherham United’s manager emphasizes the significance of their upcoming match against Bristol City, amid their struggles on the road…

Rotherham finds themselves in a precarious position in the Championship, having failed to secure any points in their away games this season.

This situation has put added pressure on their performance in home matches, and Taylor acknowledges the importance of maintaining their strength at AESSEAL New York Stadium.

He cautions that a poor result at home could make their situation even more challenging.

Rotherham has faced defeat in all five of their league matches played away, while they’ve managed to secure one win and two draws out of four matches at their home ground.

The team has been plagued by injuries, with hopes of key players like Cafu and a center-half returning to the squad after recovering from hamstring issues. Taylor eagerly anticipates the return of experienced players to the lineup.

Taylor also highlights the attacking prowess of Bristol City, particularly 21-year-old Sam Bell, who has already scored four goals this season.

He points out that Bristol City’s offensive strategy is characterized by width and aggressiveness, which presents a challenge to Rotherham.

However, Taylor emphasizes the importance of focusing on their own style of play, which is characterized by an assertive and forward-oriented approach.

In terms of Bristol City’s squad, they are assessing the fitness of right-back George Tanner (ankle) and forward Mark Sykes (foot injury) following their recent 3-2 loss to Stoke City.

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