Callum McGregor reveals a fascinating plan the team has amid Lazio  clash…

Callum McGregor is eager to replicate the memorable victories against Lazio from a few years ago when he played alongside Neil Lennon.

As the current captain of Celtic, McGregor aims to mirror those performances in the Champions League, a higher-level competition than their previous encounters in the Europa League.

Celtic’s last home Champions League win dates back to 2013 when they defeated Ajax in the group stages. A win against Lazio, which is crucial for Brendan Rodgers and his team, would be a significant achievement for the club, long overdue.

Reflecting on their previous clashes in Glasgow and Rome, McGregor fondly recalled the positive atmosphere and thrilling late-minute victory in the Lazio home game.

He emphasized the need to recreate that level of performance and harness the energy, especially from the home crowd, in upcoming matches.

McGregor stressed the importance of every player performing well, a bit of luck, crucial saves from the goalkeeper, and the perfect synergy on the field, especially at this elite level of competition.

Despite a competitive group, Celtic has the opportunity to control their fate in European football after the winter break, starting with a victory against Lazio at home. However, McGregor acknowledges that Lazio, despite their poor start in the Italian league, won’t be an easy opponent.

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