Bradford City manager sends out a stunning message to the club amid the team’s slow start of the season…

Bradford City manager Mark Hughes, who is currently facing criticism, has urged for a sense of calm and perspective in the wake of his team’s 2-1 loss to Tranmere Rovers in League Two. He acknowledges that the Bantams’ slow start to the season has stirred up a lot of commotion and frustration among fans.

This defeat marks the second consecutive league loss for Bradford City, a situation not seen since December, resulting in their drop to the 18th position in the league table. During the match, Hughes faced jeers from some of the fans and chants of ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning.’

Despite these setbacks, which followed a disappointing 3-1 home loss to Walsall on Saturday, Hughes emphasizes the need for people to remain patient and recognize that such challenging periods are common throughout the season. He dispels the notion that their early struggles will define the entire season, highlighting that such moments occur at different stages of the season, and the current focus on the team is due to the timing.

Hughes urges everyone to remain composed and emphasizes the importance of turning things around through victories. He acknowledges that the current situation is generating excessive noise and believes that they can quiet the critics by winning games.

Regarding the loss to Tranmere Rovers, Hughes feels that it was a harsh outcome for his team, especially considering Keiron Morris’ 83rd-minute winning goal. He points out that they had a strong first half, displaying excellent energy and momentum.

Looking ahead, Hughes acknowledges the upcoming challenging weeks for the team and understands that criticism and booing will continue if they don’t perform well. He acknowledges the emotional aspect of the game but hopes that people will assess their performance objectively and recognize that they didn’t perform as poorly as it might seem.

Hughes highlights the team’s strong first-half performance and the missed opportunities to score more goals. He also mentions disappointment with the referee’s performance but expresses satisfaction with the team’s effort and a great goal they scored.

In the end, Hughes acknowledges that the game had its ups and downs, with Tranmere getting a boost from a controversial penalty decision and taking advantage of one last chance to secure the win.

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