27-year-old player send a three word message to the club amid their recent 4-0 victory…

In an interview with the official Baggies’ website, the 27-year-old player expressed his satisfaction with their recent 4-0 victory, highlighting the team’s eagerness to prepare for their upcoming match on Tuesday.

He acknowledged that this season hadn’t seen consistent performances, but Saturday’s game was an exception.

The team was genuinely pleased with their performance, as they had not been content with their previous displays this season.

Despite obtaining necessary points in earlier matches, Saturday’s game showcased their full potential, with an impressive performance and goals.

When they faced Preston, they were aware of Preston’s strong form and winning streak.

However, this did not deter their confidence, and they approached the game with the belief that they could secure a victory, which they ultimately did.


“We did it”…..he said.

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