“They deserved to lose” – Doncaster Rovers Blasts his team after Barrow loss…

Grant McCann expressed his frustration with Doncaster Rovers following their loss to Barrow, emphasizing that his team lacked the necessary determination to score. Despite a recent resurgence with two consecutive wins, Rovers failed to secure a third victory.

Their journey from the bottom of the League Two table had shown promise, but Barrow’s Tyrell Warren, Ged Garner, and substitute Emile Acquah scored their first goals of the season, resulting in a 3-2 defeat for Doncaster.

Warren, who hadn’t scored since September 2022 against Rovers, impressively headed in a 12th-minute goal from Elliot Newby’s cross to give Barrow an early lead.

Doncaster fell 2-0 behind early in the second half when Garner’s deflected free-kick found the net, following a penalty for goalkeeper Louis Jones handling outside the area.

Doncaster briefly rekindled their hopes when Joe Ironside scored his third goal of the campaign three minutes later, making it 2-1.

However, Acquah extended Barrow’s lead to 3-1. A late goal by Mo Faal in stoppage time made the ending tense, but Barrow managed to secure the victory.

McCann criticized his team’s approach, particularly during transitions, which he felt they treated as a break despite working on it throughout the week.

He expressed disappointment with their overall performance, stating that they deserved to lose. McCann was also unhappy with the last 30 minutes of the game, during which they abandoned their preferred style of play and went for a more direct approach.

He vowed to address the team’s lack of hunger to score, calling the result a disappointing day for Doncaster.”

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