Jon Rahm Contemplates £475 Million Move to LIV Golf as PGA Tour Exit Is on the Horizon…

Jon Rahm is considering a significant move from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf, with a reported £475 million contract on the table.

The 29-year-old golfer, a prominent figure in European sports, has previously spoken positively about LIV Golf, while uncertainty surrounding his future in the PGA Tour continues to draw attention in the golfing world.

Although discussions with LIV Golf officials are ongoing, no formal agreement has been reached between Rahm and the Saudi-backed circuit. Speculation suggests that he could potentially secure a £475 million deal if he decides to make the move. While other golf stars like Rory McIlroy have criticized LIV Golf, Rahm has remained neutral throughout much of its existence, neither endorsing nor opposing the controversial tour.

Despite expressing his desire to continue participating in major tournaments, Rahm acknowledges the reasons why some of the sport’s top players have opted to join LIV Golf.

In fact, he has even suggested that PGA Tour players should be “thankful” for LIV Golf, attributing positive changes within the PGA Tour to the emergence of the competing circuit. Rahm highlighted the alterations in the schedule and increased prize purses as positive outcomes that might not have occurred without the presence of LIV Golf.

While Rahm recognizes the appeal of LIV Golf to other players, he has criticized certain aspects of the format, particularly the 54-hole setup. Despite his reservations about the tournament structure, Rahm appreciates the overall impact that LIV Golf has had on the sport.

The golf community is eagerly awaiting Rahm’s decision, with reports suggesting that he is closer to joining LIV Golf than ever before. This speculation has intensified following Rahm’s withdrawal from the TGL, a new competition formed by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy in partnership with the PGA Tour. Rahm’s decision to opt out of the TGL has heightened anticipation about his potential shift to LIV Golf.

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